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When you have a long day at work sometimes it can become a routine and a hard routine to live with because you lose a significant amount of time with your family especially if you are a mother who works long hours. Below you will find many points in which you can finally transition back into a routine in which you balance work and family life a lot simpler.

Jackery Mini Portable Charger

Sometimes when you are having a downright depressing day at work just a simple video chat with your little one could turn that around so make sure you have your phone or whatever you use for that task charged at all times. The jackery mini which is actually a portable charger for your phone and is external has hit the market. The battery capacity is 3,200 mAh and actually adds on at least 100 percent of a full battery when using it to charge a device. You can choose from four different colors and this charger is actually the size of a tube of lipstick. Also, very universal you can connect this to at least 2 dozen devices out there on the market right now! You can charge your device with this over 500+ times within its lifetime! The jackery is only $39.95!


Loyal Hana Carrie Shirt

A lot of times breastfeeding moms find it hard to have a shirt that is easy to gain access to their breast while breastfeeding. Now they do not have to worry about those issues with the new maternity and nursing brand Loyal Hana has placed into the market! There is the Carrie V-neck, a short sleeve shirt which actually has a subtle grey and black cheetah print design and is very comfortable and loose fitting! There is a zipper located on the side of the shirt and it extends from the base of the mother’s shoulder down to the middle of her waist which makes it super convenient if a breastfeeding mother had to actually break out their breast pump in their office. The Loyal Hana retails for $90.


Fossil (Fossil Sydney Shopper)

This is a very stylish, large, roomy tote bag which is made up of 100 percent smoothed, glazed leather and can hold everything you may need for work inside along with maybe a bib or two! There are over 12 different colors and patterns you are able to choose from and you will find a pocket with a zipper, a place to hold to pens/pencils, another slot where you can place three cards (debit, ID, etc) and also another pocket for media items! This item retails for $160.


Netgear Arlo Smart Home HD Security Camera

So imagine: You have to hire a babysitter or nanny to care for your small child while you are at work and you feel a little uneasy about this…what if I tell you there is a way you can observe your child with their nanny so you feel safer and you know your nanny is indeed the right person to have your child’s life in their hands? The camera is actually activated by motion and is completely wireless and is a system designed and created so you can do this right through Netgear. You will be able to have alerts sent to your email or through a pop-up notification directly from the app! You will find with this system you will be so much more at peace in knowing if your baby is safe from harm’s way when you are away from them! You can also use this at home for a baby monitor of sorts! Make sure you read about the video surveillance laws in your area before setting these up! The device retails at $199 for a single camera on Amazon.


Thermos Tumbler

When you wake up at 5 am you always need your cup of coffee to liven you up! Why not prepare your coffee just how you enjoy drinking it and then use this 16-ounce stainless steel Thermos tumbler to keep your drink warm and enjoyable? This tumbler is actually free of all BPA, stain resistant whether the beverage you have inside is warm or cool. You can use this tumbler with ONE hand! The color of the tumbler is burgundy and it can also be placed in a dishwasher and cleaned. These value at $29.99.


Etsy (Ever After Heirlooms Engraved Initials Necklace)

Going back to work can be a very odd and difficult adjustment after you have been gone so long so why not invest in a piece of custom jewelry which has your child’s initials and your initials? The husband and wife team from Ever After Heirlooms can actually make a necklace with a silver back which you can choose a 16 or 18-inch chain, and have both of your initials places on this and have the initials separated with a heart or an ampersand. These necklaces are made with the highest of quality engraving machines and can also have an engravement placed on the bottom side for an additional price! These retail for $41 on Etsy.


Benefit Cosmetics Sizzlin’ Six

As all of you, mothers know it can be quite a chore to get ready to go out with a little one tugging at your clothes and arms! Benefit cosmetics understands this and has now created a set of six of their top selling items and they can be applied or ever reapplied while you are on the go and easily. Inside the package you will find: POREfessional, BADgal lash, dandelion, ultra plush lipgloss, benefit, and girl meets pearl and all of these retail at $27 and are found at Benefit cosmetics.


Milk Makers grab and go bakery box

When a breastfeeding mother has all of the stressed placed on her to return to work it can put a damper on her when she has to be away from her baby and actually takes a toll on her milk supply. If you find yourself in this predicament make sure you keep a box of these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in your desk which are actually best sellers! They are packed full of brewers yeast, oats, which are natural galactagogues and also sweet chocolate chips, well semi-sweet! These cookies are baked in small increments and packaged once per pack which gives them and ensures a four-month life on a shelf. The best part? If a co-worker eats one by accident and doesn’t know they are a lactation cookie, it will not hurt them! These retail for $27.99 per box of 12 Milkmakers cookies.
As a mom, you’re also sure to appreciate a reliable, best inexpensive vacuum which we’ll talk about more in an upcoming post. So stay tuned.